Mumbai attackers left clues for Indian agencies

Last Updated: Fri, May 27, 2011 06:02 hrs

Chicago: Ten terrorists from Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) group who carried out the deadly 2008 terror attacks left behind several tell tale signs that helped Indian investigators, according to released court documents.

LeT mastermind Sajid Mir lamented the mistakes made by his men in multiple conversations with self-confessed Pakistani-American terrorist David Coleman Headley, who scouted targets in Mumbai ahead of the attacks.

'Sajid told Headley... how he (Sajid) had instructed them (the attackers) to place explosives in cabs to cause confusion amongst Indian officials responding to the attacks,' say the documents released by a Chicago federal court trying Pakistan born Tahawwur Rana.

At one of the meetings with Headley aka Daood Gilani, Sajid told him that certain attackers had not followed this instructions and had failed to sink the boat that was hijacked for their ingress to Mumbai.

One attacker even left a satellite phone on the boat, Sajid told Headley according to the documents.

'Indian authorities located this boat, recovered this phone, and provided it to the FBI for forensic analysis.

'Stored in the phone's contacts were two numbers identified as 'Wasi'. The phone had been used to contact 'Wasi' on Nov 24, 2008, and had received a call from 'Wasi' on Nov 25, 2008,' the documents said.

'Sajid also told Headley that one of the attackers had been arrested and that he had tried to free the attacker by instructing an attacker at the Chabad House (Jewish community centre) to contact the Israeli embassy and attempt to trade hostages for the attacker,' they said.

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