Mumbai rape survivor family speaks

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 25, 2013 15:15 hrs

Mumbai, Aug 25 (IBNS) The family of the gangrape survivor of Mumbai on Sunday issued a statement thanking the media for their support with the young photojournalist who was assaulted by five men while she had gone to shoot inside an abandoned mill in the city along with a colleague.

While all five accused of the assault were arrested, the family of the girl said they hoped the culprits will get stringent punishment for the act. They also requested media to respect their privacy so that they can get back to normal life.

The Mumbai Police has finally nabbed all the five accused with the arrest of the fifth attacker from New Delhi on Sunday even as the 22-year of photojournalist subjected to the assault reportedly said she would want to go back to work since "rape is not the end of life".

The photojournalist was gangraped when she entered Shakti Mill in Central Mumbai on Thursday last as the assailants held back her colleague by tying him up.

The statement by family:

25 AUGUST 2013

Dear Members of the Print and Television media of Mumbai and the Nation at large, my daughter and I are overwhelmed with the support given to us by the police, the media and the public at large during such a nightmarish phase for us.

We want to thank you all for showing sensitivity and restraint which has given us strength, hope and courage to pick up the pieces of our lives after the most tragic incident. We would also like to thank the authorities including the Jaslok hospital staff and management, the state administration, the Chief Minister's office and Mumbai Police for their support and prompt action. We would also like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to other patients and their relatives during this time

We hope and pray for your continued support and campaign in the fight for justice for my daughter andwomen at large in India. Now that stringent laws are in place, we are optimistic that your and the government's efforts will help fast track the matter so that the severest of punishment is meted out. This will ensure that even the most sick-minded think twice before they act in such aninhuman and insensitive way.

I have one small request to all of you. Please continue to respect the privacy of my daughter and me in this most trying time of our lives and give us the breathing space we so desperately need by not visiting our residence. We live in a society where such actions will only make it more difficult for us to get back to a normal life. This can also impact my daughter´s life and become an impediment in our struggle to regain our sanity and composure.

We hope and pray you will empathize and adhere to our humble request while continuing your support for justice,not just for my daughter but for all those victims andfamilies who go through the same hell as we have.

Thank you.God bless you and your families.

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