Muslim Brotherhood plans to turn Egypt's holiday resorts 'sin-free'

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 14, 2011 11:20 hrs

The Muslim Brotherhood, which won success in the first round of parliamentary elections in Egypt last month, is reportedly set on turning the country's holiday resort 'sin-free'.

Azza al-Jarf, a candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood, told supporters: "Tourists don't need to drink alcohol when they come to Egypt; they have plenty at home."

"They came to see the ancient civilisation, not to drink alcohol," he added.

On the other hand, influential cleric Yasser Bourhami called for 'halal tourism' - which includes restrictions on Westerners.

Speaking to private television network Dream TV, he said: "A five-star hotel with no alcohol, a beach for women - sisters - separated from men in a bay where the two sides can enjoy a vacation for a week without sins."

"The tourist doesn't have to swim with a bikini and harm our youth," he added.

Tourism accounts for roughly 10 percent of Egypt's GDP, employs an estimated three million people and is one of the pillars of its economy.

Huge swathes of the country, including the Red Sea coast with its stunning coral reefs and Nile Valley cities like Luxor, with its ancient temples and tombs, are solely dependent on tourism.

There are around 15 million visitors to Egypt every year.

This year, tourist arrivals fell over 35 per cent in the second quarter because of the unrest, and Egypt expects to earn around nine billion dollars from tourism in 2011 - down by a third. (ANI)

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