Muslim Brotherhood willing to 'die' for ousted President Morsi

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 08:36 hrs

Washington: A Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson has expressed grave dissent over the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi by the Egyptian army and said that the group would rather 'die' than give in to the leadership of the interim president.

According to the Washington Times, Gehan El-Haddad said that the group has its own belief in the democratic system and they are willing to die for it.

El-Haddad said that Muslim Brotherhood might end up on the streets facing military bullets but the Egyptian people will face a 60-year-cycle of a new military dictatorship that will rob their freedom with short-term promises.

He further said that their children will suffer the consequences and added that the military must be pushed back into the barracks or the only alternative is killing.

The report said that the Islamists in their protests on Friday against Morsi's ouster called for every free Egyptian to come out against the bloody military coup and said the protests weren't simply about Morsi, but rather about a democratic process that was mocked by military coup. 

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