Mysterious objects scare Pakistani villagers

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 08:40 hrs

Islamabad, Nov 30 (IANS) Panic and bewilderment gripped a group of villages in Pakistan when "mysterious objects" weighing up to 187 kg fell from the sky, a daily said Friday.

Metallic fragments, believed to be pieces of an engine, and splinters of a satellite or missile, fell on Allah Jurio Lund, Pir Mashaikh, Shehak Rodnani and Khandhani villages in Dadu district of Sindh province, Dawn reported.

There were, however, no injuries to villagers or damage to property. Military personnel later took possession of the objects.

Sain Bux Loond, a villager, said he was at his home when a loud bang brought him outside.

"I couldn't make head or tail of the scene before my eyes. After gathering my wits, I dashed to the police station and told them what I had seen," Loond told Dawn.

Another villager said two pieces of iron, one weighing six kg and the other two kg, fell on his land, and both fragments "gave off flames for half an hour".

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