Namita Jain spills beans on sexy sixty

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 08, 2012 08:53 hrs

Kolkata, Sept 8 (IBNS) Wellness specialist Namita Jain launched her latest book "Sexy@Sixty" at the Oxford Bookstore here on Friday.

Communications professional and columnist Rita Bhimani was present at the launch of the book in Kolkata by the wellness expert who also offers consultations to the Bombay Hospital as a Clinical Fitness Specialist.

Jain said her entire endeavour "is to inspire people through her essence of writing."

"The book is for simplicity & effectiveness. My dream is to spread wellness to the people. Sexy@Sixty provides how to be fit with the diet mantra," she said.

Namita Jain, who offers various fitness workshops across the country, said every woman should proud to be at 60.

She said the whole confidence comes within a person only when she is fit by maintaining herself with some regular activities like exercising, swimming, yoga, meditation, regular workouts.

Jain said men and women would be happy only when they remain comfortable and confident.

Jain stressed a lot on exercising. She said one should find some physical activity always to be stress free.

Her another focus area is eating healthy food.

She urged the women to hydrade themselves by drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day.

According to her if the mind is stressed, the body gets affected.

She advocates some remedies like massage, medicine and long walk for this problem.

"The key is to be happy is moderation. Age is just the number, but happiness is for the mind," she said.

The launch was organised by Oxford Bookstore and Westland Limited.

The book covers all topics related to health from menopause and prostrate to diabetes and also provide a clear understanding of the postures.

(Reporting by Pragya Mukherjee, image by Akash Goswami)

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