No jeans, no black clothes to college in UP, Haryana

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 06:12 hrs

Bijnor/ Bhiwani: ​Two incidents of imposing dress codes on women has caused a stir. In Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor a woman district magistrate has barred woman students from wearing any clothing of black colour, jeans, jewellery and from owning a mobile phone. In a college in Harayana's Bhiwani, girls will have to pay Rs 100 in fine if they turn up for classes wearing jeans and t-shirts.

Needless to say locals in Bijnor are up in arms against the DM's absurd ban.

However, the district magistrate has denied forcing it upon anybody.

"There is no such ban. We have just asked them to wear sober clothes. Our directive to the girls is being misinterpreted. No one has been forced to do anything," District Magistrate Sarika Mohan said

The principal of the college in Bhiwani has defended the decision by saying, "The reason why we have imposed ban on jeans and t-shirts because these are completely westernised and are short dresses. The small dresses don't cover students and that is the reason why they have to face eve-teasing due to which parents and college administration face problem. Another reason to impose this ban is to maintain the decorum of the college, every child should look same irrespective of what class she belongs, and through this nobody will have superiority and inferiority complex. Considering all these things, all students will come in Indian dress and would not wear jeans and t-shirts as it attracts men."

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