No majority wins for Pak political parties: Poll

Last Updated: Thu, May 09, 2013 12:06 hrs

London: Ahead of the forthcoming elections, none of Pakistan's leading political parties are set to achieve a majority in the National Assembly, a recent survey on Pakistan's electoral politics has revealed.

According to the Dawn, the survey conducted by think-tanks and civil society organisations in March last week show the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) securing 34.89 percent of the votes, the highest so far, while Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will obtain 24.89 percent and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) 12.11 percent.

The report said that while some experts have predicted that PML-N will get 30 percent or above seats, some others expect the votes to go as high as 44 percent. On the contrary, two experts have foretold that the party will get less than 30 percent seats but none vouched for less than 25 percent.

The report further said that PPP has been predicted to secure 35 percent seats at the maximum while the lowest set target (as predicted) for the party is 18 percent, adding that two experts believe that the party will get less than 20 percent seats while three others think it will achieve more than 30 percent. The rest have expectations that the party will win anywhere between 22 and 28 percent seats. The highest expected for PTI according to two survey experts is a mere 16 percent.

The survey has also enlisted that regional language speakers will contribute to the number of seats each party wins.

While PML-N will get the highest percentage of votes from among the Hindko-speaking voters (49 percent), followed by 48 percent Punjabi speakers, PPP is likely to achieve the 52 percent from among the Sindhi-speakers and 46 percent from among the Seraiki speakers, who are expected to give 43 percent of their support to PML-N. Among the Pashto-speakers, PTI will gain 35 percent seats in the May 11 elections.

Balochi-speakers could vote 32 percent seats in favour of PML-N. PTI is likely to get the highest percentage of votes only from among 'other' language speakers, including the speakers of Kashmiri, Gojiri, Pothohari languages, the report added. 

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