Not being in White House 'killing' Romney

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 04, 2013 06:50 hrs

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, while giving an unflinching review of his unsuccessful campaign, has admitted that it "kills him" not to be in the White House "doing what needs to be done".

Romney, who appeared in his first interview with wife Ann after the election, on "Fox News Sunday", talked about his shortcomings and disappointments but vowed to remain a force in American politics, reports Fox News.

The former Massachusetts governor said he would continue to try to help the Republican Party, despite having a less powerful voice.

He also acknowledged he and his campaign failed to reach out to minorities as well as the Obama campaign. Romney also said he and his campaign underestimated the appeal of Obama's new health care law to low-income voters.

In the wide-ranging interview, Romney and his wife also talked about everything from campaign missteps to heartbreaking Election night results to how President Barack Obama has led the country so far in his second term.

Romney also said that Obama appears to be failing in his handling of the 85 billion dollars in spending cuts this year that automatically kicked in this weekend, in part because he failed to broker a less drastic option between Democrats and Republicans.


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