Now, move cat ears and fly a helicopter with your mind

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 09:50 hrs

A California-based company has created a product that is somewhat like bend-a-spoon-with-your-mind magic trick, except in this case it's cat ears and a remote-controlled helicopter you can move.

At CES 2013, NeuroSky showed off its NecoMimi cat ears - you attach the ears to your head, placing a black sensor on your forehead and clipping a second one to your ear.

The two sensors capture brainwave data and translate it into the movements of the ears. If you are very relaxed the ears will droop. If you are focused they will perk up and then droop. If you are very interested in something, the ears will perk up and wiggle.

The ears are available now for 99.95 dollars, ABC News reported.

NeuroSky isn't just about making funny-looking ears either. It is using its electro electroencephalography technology in medical research and applications. Its MindWave product, which has the same sensors as the NecoMimi, is being used at research centres and even being sold for kids and educational applications. (ANI)

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