Now, vibrating glove that can help you find items in supermarket

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 12, 2012 09:48 hrs

London: If you've ever forgotten where you've parked your car, or struggled to find that one elusive item in the supermarket, the new hi-tech glove is your answer.

Developed by researchers in Helsinki, it uses vibrating sensors in a glove to steer the users hand towards objects of interest, the Daily Mail reported.

They claimed that it could have wide ranging applications, from helping shopper find items in a supermarket, to directing pedestrians about town and even finding a car in a large car park.

The new glove uses vibration sensors to guide users hand towards an object.

In supermarkets, it could guide shoppers to the freshest produce or the right aisle.

Researchers at HIIT and Max Planck Institute for Informatics combined computer vision and hand tracking with vibration feedback on the user's hand to steer them toward an object of interest.

Initial tests found an almost three-fold advantage in finding objects from complex visual scenes, such as library or supermarket shelves.

"Finding an object from a complex real-world scene is a common yet time-consuming and frustrating chore," the research team said.

"What makes this task complex is that humans' pattern recognition capability reduces to a serial one-by-one search when the items resemble each other," they said.

The technology is similar to early virtual reality equipment which was able to make users feel they were in a virtual world.

The solution builds on inexpensive off-the-shelf components such as four vibrotactile actuators on a simple glove and a Microsoft Kinect sensor for tracking the user's hand.

The researchers published a dynamic guidance algorithm that calculates effective actuation patterns based on distance and direction to the target. (ANI)

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