Nutrition for working women

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 05, 2013 18:01 hrs

New Delhi: Are you missing out on relevant nutrition during office hours?

Balancing home, family and work is a difficult task for all women.

Most women actually put on weight once they start working. This weight gain can be attributed to sedentary activity at the workplace, coupled with no time for exercise once the lady returns home.

As a nutrition coach, I ask women to discover their capacity for Nutrition, i.e. work on how much does their body really need keeping in mind their height, weight and activities through the day.

A good nutritionist will then work with the culture and time constraints that this working woman has to prepare a Nutritious plan for her through the day.

An ideal day chart of a working woman can go like this:-

7 am: Start your day with warm lemon juice. Just take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze in one lemon in it. You can add honey into it if you want. For those on a fat loss program I ask people to have cold lemon juice as it increases calorie burn.

7:30 am: You can start off with Green tea and 1 ragi Biscuit.

8:00 am: You can have your breakfast which should be the heaviest. Some of the breakfast ideas can be:-

Idli sambhar or two chapatis with sabhzi or Brown bread sandwiches with juice or Oats, (NEVER corn flakes) or wheat flakes with some fruits.

11:30 am:  Your mid-day snack. You can fresh fruit juice or eat a fruit. Dry fruits like pista 8-10 no's and 5-10 Almonds are best for skin and hair. Green tea for fat burning (no sugar)

1:00 pm: You can have a moderate lunch which should be lighter than your breakfast. Include salad, two chapattis, Dal or sabji. You can have brown rice too if you like it.

Between 4.00 to 5.00 pm: This is your mid-evening snack you can take popcorn without butter, roasted nuts or half brown bread sandwich. Nuts makes you feel full and therefore are an ideal way to stop you from munching. For my clients that workout in the evening 10-15 Gms of Whey protein shake with water is ideal.

8:00 pm: Dinner should be lightest meal of your day... Do not eat more than one chapatti in your dinner and include soups, salad and one dal or one subhzi.

Before bed a squeezed rasgolla. It contains casein a slow release protein that helps you feed your body through the night. Note, it is important to squeeze or wash the sugar syrup out...else you will gain weight. Low fat skim milk is another alternative.

For those who have constipation 2-3 prunes are perfect for bowel movement.

At Qua Nutrition Clinic, the dieticians have to balance a working scheduled with stress with the demand of our woman client.

Everybody wants to look and feel beautiful. We feel that internal beauty via good nutrition helps a woman radiate external.

We work with mothers who are Guinness world record holders, film stars to CEO's and even grandmothers who do not look a day over 45.

My parting tips to every working woman, speed up your metabolism via exercise of 30 mins a day, eat small meals after every 2 hours, take a multivitamin and Omega 3 supplementation.

(The writer Ryan Fernando is Co-Founder, Qua Nutrition.)

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