Obama campaign claims lead among early voters in key battleground states

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 09:58 hrs

Washington: President Barack Obama's top campaign advisers have said that Democrats have an edge over Republicans in early voting returns in several battleground states.

They said that the edge helped them in courting so-called 'sporadic voters', those Americans who would not otherwise vote and could tilt the scale in a tight race.

"We are outperforming our early-vote margins in key states compared to 2008. We're ahead of where we were against McCain, and more importantly, we're ahead of Mitt Romney," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said on a conference call with reporters.

"Romney may be winning more raw votes than McCain did at this time, but look the facts are important here. And the numbers tell a very clear story," he added.

According to ABC News, Messina said that the campaign's growth in early-vote margins is a net gain for Democrats since many early voters are people who likely would not have otherwise voted.

The process was widely credited with helping Obama win several swing states in 2008.

"Early vote isn't only taking a finite number of voters and only changing the day they vote. .... What early vote does is help us get out our low propensity voters-voters called sporadic voters-which broadens our universe and frees up more 'get out the vote' resources later, especially on election day," Messina claimed.

"This is about increasing the overall share of people, who may be drop out voters. And our numbers and public numbers are showing that more Obama sporadic voters are voting than Romney sporadic voters, which is a very big piece of business for the total turnout," he said.

Public polls show Obama holds double-digit leads among people who have already voted in Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin, states where in-person early voting is allowed.

"Here is the most important thing to remember 14 days out: We're tied or ahead in every battleground state, and we're not leaving any place where we are tied or ahead," he said.

"Romney has not been able to knock us out of a single battleground, and we've forced him to spend more and more resources in states like North Carolina that the Romney campaign has said they wanted locked up a long time ago," he added. (ANI)

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