Obama should now stop drone strikes: Imran

Last Updated: Sun, Nov 11, 2012 17:50 hrs
Obama should now stop drone strikes: Imran

New Delhi, Nov 11 (IBNS) Cricketer turned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party chief Imran Khan said he hoped US president Barack Obama would stop drone attack in Pakistan territory during his second and last term since he is not now under political compulsion to be pro-War.

Imran Khan, who was detained in Toronto airport last month for his stance on drone attacks, said drone attacks are barbaric and inhuman since they kill innocent civilians.

"The point is that drone attacks links Pakistan to the American War. That means we cannot take the narrative of jehad away from the militants because Pakistan army is killing the same people as the drones. So we are the common enemy of Taliban," he said speaking to India´s NDTV news channel at an interview aired on Sunday.

"I have always maintained that these drone attacks are counter productive apart from violating all humanitarian laws," he said adding that under no law can one one to be judge, jury and adjudicator.

He said drones are killing people as suspects only and it creates anti-Americanism.

He said by pursing with the drone attacks, America is stooping lower than the Talibans.

He said according to a Stanford University survey, about 98 percent of those killed in drone attacks are either lower level militants or innocent civilians while only two percent are high level targets.

He said he hoped that Obama in his second time would realise that he need not be pro-War anymore for polls reasons and he being a man of peace basically would stop the attacks.

Last month, Imran Khan was offloaded from a New York bound flight at the airport in Toronto and then questioned. He was later allowed to proceed for New York, but after hours of delay that made him miss his scheduled flight.

The incident occurred at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Oct 27 when Imran Khan was about to board an American Airlines flight for New York after visiting Brampton where he delivered a speech on the political chaos in Pakistan.

Imran Khan was scheduled to speak in Long Island City near New York in another fundraising lunch.

Imran Khan said he was interrogated on his views on the US drone attacks in Pakistan.

In an interview on CBC News Network in Canada, Imran Khan said the war on terror has been a costly failure and the use of drones is ratcheting up anti-Americanism and militants.

He said he´s the only leader "promoting a peaceful solution to the decade-long conflict - and that his push for talks with the Taliban has wrongly branded him a pro-jihadist."

Imran Khan joined politics in 1996 and after failures earlier, he is doing better in Pakistan politics in recent years.

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