Office lovers' messages sent to colleagues by mistake

Last Updated: Sat, Jan 26, 2013 06:50 hrs

An office girl, who had a graphic email chat with her fiance about their sex life, was left red faced after she accidentally sent it to her colleagues.

Melanie Anderson bombarded "handsome, sexy" Eric Knisz with saucy comments from the reception desk at the oil services firm where they work, and his red-hot replies included lines like "I love making love to you", "I loved our session last night."

However, the amorous pair were left "absolutely mortified" when Melanie accidentally fired off the whole conversation to their co-workers, and within a few hours their chat had been sent to other oil firms in Aberdeen and was trending on Twitter.

They had exchanged emails all morning before Melanie sent a brief message to colleagues at Integrated Subsea Services in Aberdeen to tell them the sandwich van had arrived.

She failed to notice it included her and Eric's emails, the Sun reported.

"They are absolutely mortified and apologise for any offence caused," the Sum quoted ISS HR director Bruce Webster as saying.

The couple, who are due to wed this year, began emailing each other at 9:48am. The receptionist asked Eric in her email "Yo...douche...what you saying?xxx"

He replied: "Hee hee sexy f*****, I fancy you xxx."

Eric is believed to have proposed to his girlfriend last year. She chats about wedding plans on the email and says they are getting hitched in 310 days.

One member of staff, Deborah Bowman, sent out an email after receiving it herself saying "Our receptionist is having a productive morning! Ha Ha..."

Within an hour the email trail had found its way into the inboxes of other oil staff working at completely different firms, and by afternoon the news had spread round Twitter. (ANI)

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