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One conviction out of 635 rape cases in Delhi this year

Source : PTI
Last Updated: Sun, Dec 30, 2012 13:02 hrs
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New Delhi: There has been only one conviction out of over 600 cases of rape reported to Delhi Police this year even as crime against women has been on the rise in the national capital.

As many as 754 accused were arrested in the 635 cases reported to Delhi Police between January and November, the highest in past five years, Home Ministry said. Of all the accused, only one was convicted while 403 are facing trials and investigations are pending against 348 and two others were discharged.

A total of 572 rape cases were reported to Delhi Police last year as against 507 in 2010, 469 in 2009 and 466 in 2008. The Delhi Police arrested 745 accused last year. Of these, 18 were convicted, 34 were acquitted, 597 are facing trials in different courts, 86 are still being investigated and 10 were discharged for the crime.

In 2010, out of 685 arrested accused, 37 were convicted and 107 were acquitted. Trials are on against 518 accused and investigations were pending against 13 others, the data said. In the previous two years 1279 people were arrested for rape. Of these, 82 were convicted in 2009 and 52 in 2008.

As many as 211 people were acquitted in 2009 and 119 in 2008.

During 2009, investigation was pending against one accused and in 2008, probe involving 17 accused was yet to be completed, the Home Ministry said.

The national capital has also reported 624 cases of molestation of women between January and November and the police have arrested 768 accused. However, conviction was done in only one case. The trials were pending against 402 accused and investigations were pending against 356 others suspected to have molested women, it said.

A total of 657 cases of molestation of women were reported last year in which 910 were arrested. Whereas, in
601 cases of molestation of women reported in 2010, 552 in 2009 and 611 in 2008, 867 accused were arrested in 2010, 826 in 2009 and 912 in 2008, the data said.

Only three were convicted for molesting women last year, 12 in 2010, 11 in 2009 and 16 in 2008, it said.
A total of 835 accused arrested in 2011 were facing trials. Also, the trials were pending against 811, 737 and 780 accused arrested in 2010, 2009 and 2008 respectively, the data said.

The national capital has reported 111 cases of dowry harassment between January and November this year. Besides, 98 such cases were reported to Delhi Police last year, 78 in 2010, 118 in 2009 and 104 in 2008.

There were 128 dowry deaths reported in the national capital in the first eleven months this year as against 142 and 143 such deaths in 2011 and 2010 respectively, it said.

A total of 193 cases of eve teasing were reported to Delhi Police between January and November in which 200 accused were arrested. Of these, 105 were still under investigation and 95 were facing trials, the data said adding that there was no conviction in any of the reported cases.

Delhi has reported 165 cases of eve teasing last year and 126 in 2010 in which 172 and 116 accused were arrested respectively.

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