​Our message to America: Please treat us like shit!

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Think it over. Why did the 2003 Iraq war take place? No-one really knows. There was no proof that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and absolutely no evidence was found even after the war ended. The whole cause of it was riddled with contradictions and extremely weak grounds.

It seemed like a war taken place for the heck of it and in the end tens of thousands of people died and lakhs were either injured or displaced. Billions and billions of dollars were pumped into a war, many of which went down a black hole.

Another controversial policy is drone attacks in Pakistan which have claimed many civilian lives. If George W Bush in his entire two terms ordered less than 50 attacks resulting in less than 500 deaths, then Barack Obama took it to even greater heights.

Obama has ordered more than 300 drone strikes which have resulted in more than 2000 deaths. It is ironic that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize and is also overseeing the Afghanistan war.

That brings us to the current conflict in Afghanistan. Why is it being fought? Al-Qaeda conducted 9/11 a distant 12 years ago and the Americans have accepted that they can’t defeat or displace the Taliban and want to hold talks with them.

If that’s the case then why are they fighting a meaningless war? Contrast that with the Godhra riots.

They began with the burning of a train coach which a court has ruled was a pre-planned conspiracy and has convicted 31 people.

In the backdrop of that, you cannot say that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi masterminded it as he was new to the job and these people had nothing to do with him.

Under Modi’s orders, thousands of Hindus were arrested and it is alleged hundreds of Hindus were killed in police firing. That is unprecedented in the history of communal riots of India: So much so that Modi has been dubbed anti-Hindu by RSS and VHP leaders.

Either way, two key points remain…

1. Modi is the democratically elected head of an Indian State.

2. No Indian court has even chargesheeted him let alone convicted him.

So while you can fight whatever battles you want with him within the country, the moment you start washing your dirty linen in the international stage, then you are bound to land up with egg on one’s face.

So what is the morality and ethicality of a regime like Bush and Obama denying a visa to a democratically elected leader like Modi? There are multiple ironies at play here. While one is obvious, another is the fact that the US treats dictators all over the world with kid gloves and is ready to do whatever deals it can with them.

The US denying a visa to Modi was in fact the 9/11 of Indo-US relations. But instead of being outraged and strongly condemning the act and asking it to be revoked, quite the opposite happened.

The Congress, CPM, SP, mainstream media and civil society started celebrating and dancing on one leg over the move. The US must themselves have been taken back at that. In fact when the US finally started warming up to Modi, Indian MPs wrote to Obama against such a move!

What kind of a message are we sending to the world?

The primary message is this: Please treat an Indian Chief Minister like shit.

The secondary message is this: Please treat all Indians like shit.

The US obliged and proceeded to treat the Deputy Consul General in New York Consulate General of India like shit.

Devyani Khobragade was arrested like a common criminal, put in handcuffs in public and strip searched. She spent the lock-up with other common criminals. The US must be totally taken aback by the current Indian reaction.

Whether she is guilty or not is moot because nothing has been proved yet and no country is supposed to treat diplomats in this manner.
But when we don’t defend our own Chief Minister, then why are we defending a lowly Deputy Consul General?

In fact the irony is totally lost on the Congress party for even their President Sonia Gandhi has been issued summons over the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom despite the fact that she was nothing but a housewife when the incident occurred.

Sonia will have to think twice before she visits the US again. That also has part to do with the fact that Sonia refused to rise above petty politics and think of India first when a visa was denied to Modi.

You could say that our chickens have come to roost in 2013 over an incident that occurred in 2005!

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