Oz Muslim leaders criticise Islamic cleric's 'call for beheading' Dutch politician

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 06, 2010 10:00 hrs

Australian Muslim leaders have condemned Islamic preacher, Feiz Mohammad, for his hate speech suggesting beheading the Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, who is on trial for "inciting hatred" against Muslims after making comments about Islam in an interview.

Feiz Mohammad also said that anyone who "mocks, laughs or degrades Islam," should be beheaded.

"Anyone who mocks, laughs or degrades Islam like Wilders should be executed by chopping off his head," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted him, as saying in a speech at a sermon in Campbelltown last week.

Islamic leaders like Muhammad Wahlid, President of the Islamic Association of Australia, and Sheikh Fedaa Majzoub, the vice-president of the NSW branch of the National Imams Council, have criticised his controversial speech.

Majzoub said that wherever the comments were made, they were "completely rejected by us as Islamic authorities" and were just as extreme as those made by Wilders.

A former mufti of Australia and imam at the Lakemba mosque, Sheikh Taj el-Din al Hilaly, said that Feiz's comments were stupid and only caused harm to the Muslim community.

"These stupid threats from Feiz will unfortunately only serve to draw more Islamophobic people to Wilders's hate-filled cause, giving it value when it has none," he added.

Sheik Feiz was investigated after the discovery of DVDs of his sermons in which he urged children to become holy warriors and made derogatory comments about Jews.

He was also condemned for a speech in Bankstown in 2005 when he said a rape victim had no one to blame but herself for wearing "satanic skirts". (ANI)

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