'Parody' Google Naps tool helps you find nearest 'napping spots'

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 29, 2014 06:30 hrs

Two Netherlanders have reportedly developed a parody tool that helps users find 'napping spots' nearby.

Kakhiel and Venour have developed the 'Google Naps' tool, which feels almost identical to the Google Maps and lets users mark their favorite outdoor napping spots like bridges, benches, and open fields.

However, the developers have urged original creators of Google Maps to not sue them or send them to jail in a very adorable disclaimer right within the webapp, Tech Crunch reports.

The developers ask Google heads Sergey Brin and Larry Page to not be mad at them, not sue them as they have just a few hundred Euros in the bank. All that they wanted to do is bring a smile on the faces of Google fans.

They further declare that they are too busy with other things to be sent to jail and offered the real Google bosses to have a nap on their couch, while they'll make coffee and bake eggs for them, at a small price. (ANI)

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