People demand justice for Rueben-Keenan

Last Updated: Sun, Nov 20, 2011 14:23 hrs
People demand justice for Rueben-Keenan

Clamour for justice in the killing of Mumbai youths Reuben Fernandez and Keenan for standing up to eve-teasing is growing with their friends taking the battle ahead online and through mobilization of citizens.

The tragedy occurred in Mumbai´s Andheri area exactly a month ago, on Oct 20, when two two youths- Reuben Fernandez (28) and Keenan Santos (25) - were killed by a group of four assailants as they they protested eve-teasing.

On Saturday, a candle light march calling in for zero tolerance for eve-teasing was organized in the memory of these two young men who lost their lives in order to protect their female friends from the harassers.

The march witnessed people turning up in large numbers to show their support for the cause.

"Just want to say that we condemn the accident that took place with these innocent youths who have given their life for their friends. It wasn't correct," a supporter told a news channel.

Earlier, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has said the state would demand for death penalty for those who killed these Mumbai youths for fighting against this menace.

Supporters at the rally said that they just want justice for their friends - Reuben and Keenan.

Even celebrities like Farhan Akhtar gave his support and wrote on his twitter account a day before the rally, "Please support the zero tolerance rally on the 19th of Nov at St. Blaise church, Amboli being held in memory of Reuben and Keenan."

Earlier, a special page was also created on social-networking site Facebook named ´Justice For Keenan and Reuben´ where people from all over the nation are being requested to join to protest against the incident.

The friends of the youths have also started a website where incidents of eve-teasing can be posted which will then be forwarded to the police.

This website, they hope, will stimulate women to report about such incidents, who otherwise are afraid to tell about them to the police.

But they say that this will be successful only if law enforcers instead of ignoring them, takes such complaints seriously.

(Writing by Vatsal Verma)

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