People suffering from violence in Maoist-hit states

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 12:50 hrs

Rising Maoist violence has affected the lives of many people. States, including Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and Maharashtra are the worst hit.

The Naxals regularly target security personnel, place bombs in public places, extort money and attack passenger trains.

They claim to be working for the people, but their actions contradict what they say.

The people residing in areas affected by Maoist insurgency are the worst sufferers.

"If you see them in action, you see that the maximum proportions of their victims are the poorest of the poor for whom they claim to be fighting. That in itself is the strongest logic as far as I am concerned against the Maoists, irrespective of the pretensions that they are liberators,said

Ajay Sahni, Executive Director, Institute for Conflict Management.

Not only do the people have to face problems caused by Maoists, they are also deprived of any sort of developmental infrastructure.

Maoists routinely destroy road and communication lines.

For the extremists, stalling the development process is the best way of ensuring that the locals remain under their control.

"Whenever a conflict of this nature enters a theatre, an extended territory, the people inevitably suffer because of loss of employment, loss of opportunities, loss of any developmental work, withdrawal of the administrative system, withdrawal of welfare system. Today even if schools, medical centres exist, nobody goes there; teachers will not go there, doctors won't go there. Services can't be provided," Sahni added.

While the central and state governments have intensified action against Maoists in the areas in which they operate, they have now started looking for new areas to expand their base.

According to reports, they have been trying to establish a foothold in the Northeast.

"The Northeast has become a very important target. Post 2004, we saw a rapidly escalating Maoist presence in the Northeast. They have entered into relationships with number of insurgent groups, degraded insurgents, including the People's Liberation army in Manipur with whom they are involved in arms transfer. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship," Sahni said.

With the government strengthening its mechanism to tackle Maoists, and the locals voicing their anger against them, the Maoists are becoming frustrated.

They are now frequently resorting to violence to make their presence felt, not paying any heed to the plight of the innocent people, whose interests they claim to represent. (ANI)

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