People with big noses make big money

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 11, 2008 13:33 hrs

Sydney: Nose does matter -- people with big noses make big money and those with a broad ones have a powerful sex drive.

A nose can tell all sorts of things about one's personality.

Facereaders or physiognomists say a person's nose can speak well about his or her mood, behaviour, sex drive and overall personality, for instance they claim people with long and narrow nose are witty and intelligent.

More so, people with small tip nose do not consider money important, but those with flared nostrils are big spenders just like their nose.

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According to physiognomists, the perfect nose is deemed to be one-third the length of the face, with an equal distance above and below. The width at the nostrils should be no more than the space between the eyes.

Such ideal division of the face symbolises inner balance and qualities such as honesty, loyalty and truthfulness. Most physiognomists agree that people with big nose make big money.

''You see them on the faces of the most successful people; on the glossy magazine covers, on television, the stage, and in the movies, for instance Mel Gibson and Anjelica Huston '' says one leading American face-reader Sandra Jean Copperfield. These celebrities go down to show that extra nasal inches are highly bankable assets, as reported by Courier Mail.

The nose may also tell where our ancestors came from.

American anthropologists James Carey and A T Steegman found that the size of our noses depends on where we were born and where our ancestors came from.

According to them, we need noses to humidify and warm the air that goes into our lungs. In cold, dry countries people tend to have long, sharp noses because they have to deal with harsh air conditions.

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