Pickled tink: Manforce launches Achaari condom, Twitter erupts

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 06, 2017 20:42 hrs
Pickled tink: Manforce's Achaari condom cracks up Twitterati

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Manforce's latest marketing strategy is making people go "WTF"! The company just launched a flavour considered bizarre by most -- Achaari. Who in the world would like pickle-flavoured condoms? This one's definitely targeting the desi types with a tagline that reads: The exceptionally Indian, tart and tempting Achari.

Women love pickles, but come on. Tantalising taste buds in the bedroom? What if, even before the beginning of the ... um beginning ... she actually rushes out to get some ... pickle, silly! How can Manforce assume that this flavour is marketable? Who else wants spicy aromas wafting from the bedroom? Or worse still, emanating from their person? What if the smell is so tempting that someone else ends up asking for a bite? In the middle of the night? This one's for CID fans.

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Daya who?

Daya up to something; open the door or I'll knock it down.

Ouch! As if that was not enough, "paratha" is the codeword for sex, claims the social-media arm of the company.

The latest launch led to a lot of speculation:

And interrogation:

Some appreciation:

And anticipation:

Witty realisms were thrown in:

With a dash of scepticism:

And a couple of requests:

The product points to a range of possibilities. You know spice and all that's nice has quickly found its way into life when the dining area smells of pickles. While the pickle jar winks back at you. From the kitchen. Pickle aroma under the staircase? In the loo? On the terrace? The lingering aroma prompts Kanta Bai -- who had gone there to air the laundry -- to make an innocent request, finger pointing upwards, "Didi, can I have that achaar?" Horror of horrors!

Pickles does not mean just pickles anymore. There are no family recipes either. Moreover, since you cannot unread what you have read already, your notion of pickles has been demolished once and for all.

For instance, who sneaks pickles into a park? What if someone was actually having paratha and pickles behind the bushes? Does it mean you have a dirty mind? Who will stop colleagues from chuckling when Mr Mehta proudly declares that he will tuck into his wife's tasty preparation -- paratha and achaar?

Did anyone mention sour memories? Ahem ahem.

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