PMANE protests Kundankulam fuel loading

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 21, 2012 14:55 hrs

Kudankulam, TN, Sept 21 (IBNS) People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), which is spearheading a protest of villagers against the Russian technology built nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu's Kudankulam, on Friday has demanded halt in fuel loading in the plant which they claimed has begun.

Some media reports also confirmed that the plant has begun loading fuel.

"The PMANE Struggle Committee and the struggling people all over Tamil Nadu and the rest of India demand immediate cessation of the fuelling of the KKNPP [ Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project ] and convert it into a pro-people and pro-Nature energy project," said the organization.

In a statement it said even as hundreds of thousands of Tamils, Malayalis and Indian citizens from other states are protesting against the KKNPP for more than a year now, and a batch of appeal petitions are being heard by the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court, "the discredited and the CAG-disparaged Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission (AERB) has given clearance for the fuel loading in the first unit of the KKNPP."

"It is reliably learnt now that the Nuclear Power Corporation India Limited (NPCIL) has started the loading process," PMANE said.

It said; "The ruling establishment's message is loud and clear. We do not give a damn about the Indian citizens, their democratic and nonviolent opposition to harmful policies and projects and the very democratic heritage of our country. We will put the interests of foreign countries and their MNCs ahead of the wishes and wellbeing of the Indian citizens."

"Hundreds of thousands of fishermen, farmers and merchants and their families from Tamil Nadu and Kerala who rely on the sea and land for their survival and existence do not figure anywhere in the scheme of things of the Indian ruling class," they said.

While slamming the centre, the activists also criticized Tamil Nadu political parties.

"The leader of the DMK is, as usual, blaming the AIADMK for not initiating a dialogue with the PMANE and the struggling people in the Koodankulam issue. Although his party is part of the central government, the DMK chief has not asked the Prime Minister to do anything about the KKNPP issue.

"The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is keeping a deafening silence about the issue also. The Tamils are left high and dry having been abandoned by both the strong parties of Tamil Nadu in the wake of grave dangers such as nuclear power parks, poisoned sea and sea food, polluted land and crops, and radiation-affected progeny," PMANE said in a release.

The protest against India´s largest nuclear power project at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu reached a flash point this month as the police and protesters clashed near the plant since Sept 10 while one person died in police firing in a neighbouring district.

The villagers and fishermen led by PMANE are protesting the plant fearing that it might cause a nuclear catastrophe like Japan´s Fukushima after an earthquake.

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