Police in Jharkhand rescue five young boys from being trafficked

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 08, 2013 10:50 hrs

Police in Jharkhand rescued five young boys from the clutches of human traffickers yesterday.

An officer in charge at the railway station Shiv Bharat Tiwari said that, only the family members can unravel the entire truth.

He further said, "Right now the five rescued children are in the care of the Childline outfit. They are looking into the matter and these children are from nearby places. They are saying that they were going to meet a relative. The truth will be unravelled only after the guardians come out and verify the matter with us."

There are several reports of minors and women lured from their villages by promises of a good life as maids in the cities. They are often sent by agencies to work in homes in Delhi, and its satellite towns such as Noida and Gurgaon, where they face a myriad of abuses.

Earlier, the five children were rescued from the railway station in Koderma town on Sunday evening while they were being taken away a human trafficking agent to New Delhi.

The arrested agent said that he was taking the children for treatment to New Delhi.

The five rescued boys are all in the age group of eight to ten years and they belong to the Hazaribagh area.

The five boys were placed under the care of the non-government organisation (NGO), Childline.

There are no reliable figures for how many people are trafficked for domestic servitude. The Union government says 126,321 trafficked children were rescued from domestic work in 2011-12, a rise of almost 27 percent from the previous year.

The abuse is difficult to detect as it is hidden within average houses and apartments, and under-reported, because victims are often too fearful to go to the police.

There were 3,517 incidents relating to human trafficking in India in 2011, says the National Crime Records Bureau, compared to 3,422 in the previous year. (ANI)

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