PPP unlikely to budge on Zardari's immunity over reopening Swiss cases

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 11:50 hrs

The Pakistan Peoples Party-led government might be insisting that resident Asif Ali Zardari is immune to criminal prosecution, but its political allies are apparently ndecided about it.

The government is required to reopen graft cases in Swiss courts against President Zardari in ursuance of the apex court verdict on the defunct National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Apparently, the PPP is reluctant to budge on its interpretation of constitutional immunity for resident Zardari, much to the annoyance of an increasingly assertive judiciary, The Express ribune reports.

On Monday, senior PPP leaders joined their heads to discuss, what Presidential spokesperson arhatullah Babar called, "ways and means to overcome the challenges faced by the party and ts government."

"The meeting said the party will stand behind the prime minister in adopting a stance (in the upreme Court) that is correct, respectful and constitutional," Babar said in a statement without laborating.

Insiders however, say the prime minister will elaborate the actions taken by the government in ompliance of the Supreme Court verdict, thus far.

"He will highlight the steps taken by the government in strengthening democracy, including 18th mendment, but reiterate that the president enjoys immunity," an insider privy to the meeting of he core committee jointly co-chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and President ardari, said.

"This is their stance . (that the president enjoys immunity) and the prime minister will try to orroborate it saying that they do not feel any necessity to get it interpreted from anywhere since or them this is an established fact," a PML-Q member who attended an earlier meeting of PP's coalition partners said.

However, he said, the PPP could not plead its case properly, adding: "I think, now the time is ver for them. They could have contested their case successfully." (ANI)

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