Priyanka Gandhi: Bhartiya Nari playing a filmi role

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 25, 2014 08:44 hrs

The following is a comment by reader Rajesh Singh for the article ‘And just who is Priyanka Vadra anyway?’ by Sunil Rajguru. Some grammar has been edited.  The views expressed her are of the author's alone.

As the nation goes to polls in phases over the next 15 days, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Congress is losing ground across the country.

The Gandhi family strongholds of Amethi & Rae Bareilly, for the first time, are being shaken.

The party is under threat of sitting out it opposition and perhaps defending itself against the numerous investigations that will be initiated against it and its leaders.

While the BJP & AAP leaders have been campaigning across the country, traversing the length and breadth of the country, the so called Congress leaders are conspicuous by their absence.

Once, if you switched on any TV channel, you could see a Digvijay or a Manish or a Sibal. They are no longer visible.

Chidambram and others too have receded and the Congress has virtually thrown in the towel, waiting for the inevitable to happen.
Most of the leaders do not think worth their while campaigning for Congress any more. Some partners are even sitting on the fence to jump ships when the time comes.

In this dark scenario, when the party and family honor and more is at stake, like a true Bhartiya Nari, Priyanka Gandhi has stepped up the game to defend her mother, brother & husband!

It is straight out of Bollywood and uncannily close to the TV serial 24!

But as Sunil says, the media and the people are getting carried away by this Bollywood act, where the Bhartiya Nari, if we may call her one, is just playing a filmi role.

Somewhere, the distinction between an actor and a leader is getting blurred in the minds of the people.

We must realize the difference, but enjoy the drama on the election screen as it unfolds in the next 3 weeks!

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