Priyanka Sachar's photo exhibition is all about freezing fleeting moments

Last Updated: Thu, Jun 17, 2010 08:00 hrs

Photographer Priyanka Sachar in her first solo exhibition titled "Evanescence" showcased her photographs, through which she seeks to share with others, the beauty, diversity and irony of the world around her.

Through "Evanescence", Priyanka strings together various slices of life with shots snatched from the streets, fleeting moments seized just before they disappear or almost imperceptible moments of history grabbed from eras gone by.

"Evanescence means things which are temporary and tend to move away or vanish or disappear from your vision very quickly, and, this theme extends to elements which I have shot from streets, or moments which I have caught just in time before they disappear," said Priyanka about her photographs, which are on display at Bagel's Cafi in Gurgaon till July 8.

The entire collection also indulges in metaphorical expression and symbolism.

Priyanka, who was part of the IT industry for 11 years, further said that her panache for photography and her zeal for social media convinced her to be a photographer and a social media consultant.

"I had a habit of taking photos for memories, and, in 2005, during a trip to Finland, I realized that I had a flair for photography. I realized that apart from taking them for memories, they can also be taken in an artistic way," Priyanka said.

"Slowly, my collection began to swell, and, my friends supported and encouraged me to see it in a professional manner," she added.

She also said she had been part of some group exhibitions last year, and the positive reactions received, gave her the confidence to go for a solo exhibition.

Lalita de Goederen, owner and initiator of Bagel's Cafi, described Priyanka as an artist who presents her work in the most aesthetic manner.

"She is a young upcoming artist. I love her work, as each of her photographs have a difference of its own, and, every picture is completely different from the others," Goederen said.

"She achieves the purpose of her theme with so much grace, and, this is what pulled me to her works. I think she has a really good future," she added.

Venue: Bagel's Cafi, D-140, The Shopping Mall, Arjun Marg, DLF City I, Gurgaon Opening Times: Daily 8am to 10pm (ANI)

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