Quotations of the day

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 22, 2013 07:15 hrs

<>"When a soldier who shared information with the press and public is punished far more harshly than others who tortured prisoners and killed civilians, something is seriously wrong with our justice system." — Ben Wizner, head of the ACLU's speech and technology project in a statement after Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for giving hundreds of thousands of secret military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks in one of the nation's biggest leak cases since the Pentagon Papers more than a generation ago.


"If it is acquittal for Mubarak today, it will be acquittal for Morsi tomorrow. We will not remain silent about freedom for any killer of the Egyptian people." — Egyptian youth campaign group Tamarod after Egypt's prime minister ordered that deposed autocrat Hosni Mubarak be placed under house arrest after he's released from prison following more than two years in detention.


"The United States is deeply concerned by reports that hundreds of Syrian civilians have been killed in an attack by Syrian government forces, including by the use of chemical weapons." — White House spokesman Josh Earnest in comments after a reported chemical weapons attack in Syria.

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