Rahul Gandhi takes on CPM in Tripura, bats for development

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 11:51 hrs

Launching a frontal attack on the CPM Government in Tripura, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Monday explained to the public here the policies of his party and urged them to defeat the organisation prevailing in the state for future growth and development.

"The level of development that should have taken place here is not there. Do you agree on this? CPM has ruled here for 20 years. If you go to other places of the country such as Delhi, Maharashtra you will find that the nation is moving ahead with great force. Because the power has been vested in the hands of the common man. And when the common man is given decision-making power, the state moves forward," Gandhi told a public rally here.

"In general, there is the government and public in a state. But in Tripura, there is the government, the public and in between is the organisation. And this organistaion works in its own interest. It does not think about the common man, it thinks about itself. And whatever we send from Delhi, be it the MNREGA or money for construction of roads or money for development, it is taken away by the organisation in the middle and the common man just sees it,be it about MNREGA, schools or roads. If it is about road contracts then the money goes to the CPM worker. CPM workers get appointed as teachers and in other jobs. And if you are not a CPM worker then you can get nothing in Tripura," he added.

Asserting that this system was there in other parts of the world, including in Russia, China, Czechoslovakia and Romania, Gandhi said the people residing in these countries got rid of the organistaion.

" And the people there said that we do not want this organisation, this organisation takes away all the money and development works and we want our own government, the government of the common man. And all these organisations were removed from the other countries. Once I went to China, the communists there asked me when will the communists in India change. When will they accept the market? They told me that 'market is a reality'," he added.

Asserting that the Congress defeated the CPM in Kerala, Gandhi emphasized that for the Congress the general public comes first and then the organisation.

"Voices of all the states are essential. India is a bouquet of flowers, every type of flower is needed to complete the bouquet," he added.

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress President Sonia Gandhi was to visit the place, but she could not come as she is suffering from fever and flu.

"She has asked me to tell you that her heart is with you and Tripura and the northeast holds an important place in her heart," he added.

The Congress Vice President further said the Gandhi family has very old relations with the people of Tripura.

"We understand your problems, the problems of Tripura, and want to help you out," he added.

Rahul Gandhi said the voice of the people of Tripura is heard in Delhi.

"You might be thinking at times that the country is very big and Tripura is very small. You might also be thinking at times that the way in which your voice should be reaching Delhi, it doesn't reach. And I want to tell you that there are people in Delhi to receive your voice there and I am there to ensure that your voice reaches there," he added.

Gandhi will hold four public meetings at Dharmanagar in North Tripura district, Khayerpur, Sonamura in Sipahijala district and Shantirbazar in South Tripura district.

Campaigning is at its peak in Tripura for the assembly elections ahead of Thursday's voting. Tripura goes to polls on February 14 to elect its 60-member assembly. (ANI)

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