Rare wax mould peeled from Einstein's face to rake in 1m pounds at online auction

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 05, 2012 09:28 hrs

London: A rare wax mould of Albert Einstein is set to fetch over 1 million pounds at an online auction.

The model of the genius physicist is thought to have been made over 60 years ago after being commissioned by Einstein himself in 1947, the Daily Mail reported.

And unlike other waxworks of Einstein which exist, the sculpture being sold on eBay was made after being peeled directly from Einstein's own face.

The work is believed to have been done by Katherine Stubergh, a famous American wax sculptor, in 1947 and is signed by her and the physicist on the neck of the model.

It was displayed for fifty years at Mammoth Cave Wax Museum in Kentucky before it closed in May this year. The other wax works have already been sold off.

The wax head of the Nobel Prize winning scientist also comes with a full body as well and real hair.

"It was originally bought by the museum owner Herbert Moore and it's been on display since," owner Michael Todd said

"We have spoken to experts in Albert Einstein memorabilia who think it could reach around 1.5 million dollars. It's so rare and unusual because it was peeled off his face. It can't ever be replicated, it is a complete one-of-a-kind.

"The reason Einstein commissioned it was because they were both from Germany and Stubergh was known as the best sculptor in the world. There were two copies of the mould made but no-one knows where the other one is.

"I would describe the wax-work as gorgeous, identical and in mint condition. It's so realistic that he looks like he could stand up and walk across the room. It's such a rare piece and can never be repeated. We think it could attract bids from museums or collectors," he said. 

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