Ratan Tata has lost his mind, snaps back West Bengal government

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 07, 2014 14:16 hrs

Hitting back at former chairman of the Tata Group Ratan Tata for his comments on industrialization in West Bengal, the government said that the veteran tycoon has lost his mind.

NDTV quoted West Bengal Finance Minister as saying, "Maybe he has lost his mind. Maybe he hasn't got the information. I don't know why he said this. TCS has told the Chief Minister  in Mumbai that it would create 20,000 jobs in a new campus. Maybe he hasn't kept tabs. Tata Metallicks applied to us last week. They want to expand. Doesn't he know Anil Ambani is investing here? If I give you a list, it will take up all day. Perhaps he should concentrate on his other hobbies like flying planes."

Praising Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and criticizing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as much, former chairman of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata termed the development surrounding Kolkata, West Bengal's capital, as 'countryside development' and asked the government to follow the Gujarat model if it were to revive industrialization.

"When I was coming from the airport I could see a lot of development coming up. I saw a lot of residential and commercial buildings but I couldn't see an industry. All this looks like countryside development," The Times of India quoted Tata as saying. "Look at what Narendra Modi has done for Gujarat," the industrialist added.

Recalling the dark days of the Singur agitation surrounding the Nano car project which was eventually shifted to Gujarat, Tata stated, "We had to shift a completed factory out of Singur due to hostility to a different location. There was a great risk involved in doing so. We had three lakh orders for the Nano car. Customers had made full payment. We lost one vital year in delivery because of which much of the enthusiasm about Nano was dampened."

"I owe a great deal to Mr. Narendra Modi who gave Nano its new home. A state government should be supportive of industrial groups and should not be biased against anyone. It should act as a facilitator," he added.

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