Riya Sen Sen turns 32

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 24, 2013 06:04 hrs

Actress-Model Riya Sen turned 32 years on Thursday.

Coming from a family of actresses including grandmother Suchitra Sen, mother Moon Moon Sen and sister Raima Sen, Riya has carved out a niche for herself among the youth owing to the bold characters played by her.

The actress made her first screen appearance as a child in artiste in ´Vishkanya´ in 1991, directed by Jag Mundhra.

Sen shot her first music video for Falguni Pathak´s ´Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi´, when she was only 16, and went on to act in numerous videos, including ´Jhumka Gira Re´, ´Jab Samne Tum´, ´Kahin Kahin Se´, ´Dil Kahin Hosh Kahin´ and ´Jeena Hai Tere Liye´.

However, she made her debut in the silver screen with Tamil film ´Taj Mahal´.

She got her first Bollywood break in N. Chandra´s film, called ´Style´ in 2001, a low-budget sex comedy.

She has also featured in films such as ´Qayamat: City Under Threat´, ´Jhankaar Beats´, ´Shaadi No.1´, ´Tum... Ho Na!´, ´Silsiilay´, ´Apna Sapna Money Money´, ´Love You Hamesha´, ´Heroes´, ´Love Khichdi´, ´Paying Guests´, ´Benny and Babloo´, ´Tere Mere Phere´ and ´3 Bachelors´.

Her first English venture was starring in the film ´It Was Raining That Night´, a remake of the Bengali film ´Hei Brishtir Raat´.

She has also delivered a number of item numbers in films such as ´Dil Vil Pyar Vyar´, ´Qayamat´, ´Plan´, ´James´ and ´Heyy Baby´.

Sen will be seen next in ´Krrish 3´.

Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee wished the birthday girl, tweeting: "Wish you a many many happy returns of this day.God Bless."
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