Romney's new ad on auto bailout in Ohio 'full of misleading facts'

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 09:40 hrs

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign has released a new television ad that alters facts of the automobile industry bailout in Ohio.

The ad, which was not announced by the campaign, dramatically bends both historical records and current news to fit into its narrative, and makes no direct claim that can be called a lie, but that's primarily because it's clever with its wording.

The ad attacked the Obama administration's handling of the auto bailout and warned that Chrysler Group LLC plans to build Jeep vehicles in China.

In the beginning, the ad's narrator said that President Barack Obama 'took General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy'.

That's true, but that was also the plan that Romney had suggested at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, Huffington Post reports.

The difference is that Obama supported a bridge loan from the government to help the auto companies go through bankruptcy, while Romney wanted the private sector to pick up the tab, the report said.

When Dan Akerson, CEO and chairman of General Motors since September 2010, was asked what would have happened had Romney's plan been followed, he responded that GM "would have been in bankruptcy for years and I think you could have written off this company, this industry and this country."

The Romney ad also cited his endorsement from the Detroit News without noting that that same endorsement accused him of "wrong-headedness on the auto bailout."

Finally, the ad accused Obama of selling 'Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China'.

Again, this is technically true, but only according to a narrow reading of the language.

Fiat, the Italian company that now owns Chrysler, is building Jeeps in China, but the company is not moving jobs from America to do it, the report said.

Instead, Fiat is expanding current production in China for the purposes of catering to a growing Chinese market, it added.

Responding to the ad Obama campaign's spokesperson Lis Smith said: "Mitt Romney's new ad is a sure sign that he knows he's in trouble in Ohio."

"When the American auto industry and a million workers' jobs were on the line, Mitt Romney turned his back. Now, he's pretending it never happened and is trying to scare Ohioans by repeating a blatant falsehood that Chrysler is moving its Jeep operations to China," Smith added. (ANI)

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