Rupert Murdoch admits bare-breasted women on Page 3 outdated

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 10:00 hrs

News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch has said days of Page 3 models on the Sun newspaper were 'last century.

He said that bare-breasted women on Page 3 had become outdated during an extraordinary Twitter exchange.

According to the Daily Mail, a Twitter user known only as @Kazipooh told the newspaper magnate that 'seriously, we are all so over Page 3 - it is so last century.'

The 81-year-old suggested that he had been thinking about other options to modernise the photos and appease the critics who argue the feature is demeaning to women.

Pressure group, No More Page 3, has celebrated the hint that The Sun's Page 3 girls may be on the way out.

Lucy-Anne Holmes began the group last year, setting up a petition to encourage people to appeal to editor Dominic Mohan to 'take the bare breasts out of The Sun'.

'We're really pleased that @rupertmurdoch might be thinking about dropping pg 3 - it's down to everyone who signed the petition and supported us,' she tweeted from the group's account.

She said the group had gathered 64,305 signatures to get Page 3 removed from newspapers.

Murdoch's comments come almost a year after Germany's biggest selling tabloid Bild decided to drop its controversial 'Page 1 girls' to honour International Women's Day.

According to the report, the newspaper, which had featured a naked woman on its front page since 1984, called the move 'a small step from women's point of view, but it's a big step for Bild and all men in Germany'.

The Sun began publishing Page 3 girls in 1970, but in recent years the tabloid newspaper has come under increasing criticism for portraying women as sex objects, the report added. (ANI)

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