Russian hackers set to launch 'blitzkrieg' cyber-attacks on U.S. banks, warn experts

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 15, 2012 07:30 hrs

Hackers based in Russia are planning to launch massive cyber-attacks on U.S. financial institutions, experts have warned.

A report released by Internet security firm McAfee said that the impending attack on banks, dubbed 'Project Blitzkrieg', could result in millions of dollars of losses.

"McAfee Labs believes that Project Blitzkrieg is a credible threat to the financial industry and appears to be moving forward as planned," the firm said.

"Although Project Blitzkrieg hasn't yet infected thousands of victims and we cannot directly confirm any cases of fraud, the attackers have managed to run an operation undetected for several months while infecting a few hundred," it added.

McAfee's report claimed that the planned mass fraud campaign against 30 U.S. financial institutions set to occur next spring was announced in early September on a Russian-language hackers' forum, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the firm's report, part of the hacker's announcement included calling for accomplices to join him in Project Blitzkrieg, with him supplying the Trojan software and supporting infrastructure to those taking part, the paper said.

"He also continues to confirm several other members of the underground who have stolen money already via this Trojan, citing its success to counter arguments against the buy-in he requires," McAfee's report said. (ANI)

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