Sacked by Jayalalithaa, AIADMK MP pleads for protection

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 01, 2016 13:43 hrs

Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa wept as she pleaded and begged in Parliament on Monday for providing protection to her. "Will the government save me? I need protection, there is a threat to my life", she said as she broke down.

She made this declaration moments before she was sacked by her AIADMK for embarrassing the party.

"If a leader can slap an MP, anything can happen. I need the government's protection. I am not safe in Tamil Nadu," she added.

It is known that Pushpa anticipated action over her brawl with DMK MP, Trichy Siva. The brawl between the two rival party MPs at the Delhi airport resulted in both being thrown out of the flight on Saturday. 

"They are compelling me to resign from the post. I will not do it. Where is the safety for women? I have been harassed. I have been slapped by her yesterday," she said, without naming anyone.

The AIADMK said that on cue from party chief Jayalalithaa, the party has sacked Sasikala Pushpa for bringing disgrace and ill fame to the party.

The reason for the fight between MP Sasikala and Trichy is not known, but at one moment the two were seen arguing in Tamil and Pushpa attacking Siva with blows and kicks.

Pushpa claimed Siva had abused her leader Jayalalithaa and hence she reacted.

According to reports, Sasikala visited AIADMK chief J. Jayalalithaa's residence on Sunday.

"In Tamil Nadu I have no safety... I need protection," Sasikala said but other AIADMK members protested. She found support from other opposition leaders who said every member has the right to raise issues concerning her/his safety.

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien asked her to write to the Chairman about the issue. He also assured other AIADMK members that reference to any person who cannot defend themselves in the house will be deleted. 

Other opposition members, however, pointed out that Sasikala did not name anyone. Sasikala is said to be close to Jayalalithaa.

 Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu also responded to the issue and said: "This discussion is not going to add to the glory of house." "A member has committed mistake treating another member, she has apologised. For two days image of Parliament was on stake. I will not raise the issue because she has expressed regrets. That should put an end to the issue," Naidu said. "The best way is writing to the Chairman," the minister added.

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