Samsung most popular gadget brand

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 15:13 hrs

Mumbai, Aug 27 (IBNS) Electronics major Samsung has ranked as the most popular gadget on eCommerce marketplace eBay India.

eBay India released the Battle of the Gadget Rankings for the most popular gadget models & brands based on an analysis of all gadget transactions on its portal from April 1 to June 30.

The research report showcases interesting trends of India's Top Gadget Cities, Models & Brands across 4 popular gadget categories of Laptops, Cameras, Mobile Phones & Televisions.

The most popular gadget brand has been retained by Samsung with 21% of market share across the gadget categories of Laptops, Cameras, Mobile Phones & Televisions on eBay India.

The most popular brands are Samsung in the Mobile Phones category, Canon in the Digital Camera category, Apple in the Laptop category & Samsung in the TV Category.

On an average day on eBay India, A mobile handset sells every 3 minutes, a laptop sells every 9 minutes, a digital camera sells every 19 minutes & a TV sells every 54 minutes on eBay India.

Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer, eBay India, said, "Gadgets have always been very popular on eBay India. With our extensive range of gadgets across brands, models & budgets which enable our consumers to get easy access to the best deals & widest selection online, we see a great demand coming from consumers across metros, tier II and tier III cities.

"Interestingly, non metro consumers are actually shopping for more gadgets than metro consumers."

eBay India Battle of the Gadgets April - June 2012 Rankings:

Mobile Phone Category Rankings:

Top Mobile Phone Brand: Samsung

Top Smart Phone Brand: Sony

Top Dual SIM Phone Brand: Samsung

Top Value Phone Brand: Nokia

Top Mobile Phone Model: Sony Xperia Ray

Top Smart Phone Model: Sony Xperia Ray

Top Dual SIM Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

Top Value Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Top Mobile Phone City: Delhi

Staying Connected: Top Mobile Brands & Model Rankings

Overall: Samsung emerges as the unbeatable leader amongst popular brands in Mobile Phone category with 26% market share of all mobile phone brands purchased on eBay India. Sony Xperia Ray is the most purchased mobile phone model.

The Capital City of Delhi continues to buy the most Mobile Phones in the second quarter as well.

Smart Phones: Sony beat Samsung this time to gain the number one position in the Smart Phones category with 34% market share amongst the popular Smart Phone brands with Sony Xperia Ray being the most popular Smart Phone.

Samsung, Blackberry and Apple are neck-to-neck on the second, third and fourth position respectively.

Sony, Samsung, Blackberry and Apple together have captured 85% of market share amongst transaction in this category. Capital City Delhi consumed most Smart Phones in the last quarter with cities like Trivandrum and Coimbatore being featured amongst top 10 Smart Phone cities.

The newly launched Smart Phone by HTC in the last quarter helped the brand jump from number six in the first quarter to number four in the second quarter with a significant 10x increase in transactions.

Dual SIM Phones: Samsung has topped the Dual SIM Phone ranking, while Micromax has slipped to number two. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 was ranked as the most purchased Dual SIM phone model.

Delhi ranks first in consuming the most Dual SIM phones on eBay India and cities such as Patna and Coimbatore have featured in the Top 10 Dual SIM cities.

Value Phones: Nokia overtook Samsung and gained lead position amongst Value Phone brands. However Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 still stood as the most purchased model in the category.

Delhi consumed the most Value Phones, followed by Bengaluru and Chennai.

Laptop Category Rankings:

Top Laptop Brand: Apple

Top Netbook Brand: Acer

Top Tablet Brand: Apple

Top Regular Laptop Brand: Dell

Top Laptop Model: Micromax Funbook Tab

Top Netbook Model: Asus 1015CX

Top Tablet Model: Micromax Funbook Tab

Top Regular Laptop Model: Apple MacBook Pro MD 313

Top Laptop City: Bengaluru

Portable Workspace: Top Laptop Brands & Model Rankings:

Overall: Apple has retained its number one position. Dell slips to second position followed by HP and iBerry in the top Laptop brands list.

Tablets dominate the category with 62% share, followed by Regular Laptops at 36%. Bengaluru bought the most laptops in India once again.

Netbooks: Acer retained its first position followed by Asus and Samsung, whereas Toshiba slipped from number two in the first quarter to number sixth in the second.

Asus 1015CX tops Netbook consumption on eBay India with 16% market share followed by Acer Aspire One D270 with 14% amongst all netbooks purchased on eBay India in the second quarter.

Mumbai is the top city for Netbooks followed by Delhi and Bengaluru. A key trend to note here is that more than 59% of transactions for Netbooks are from non-metros

Tablets: Apple has retained its first position with 17% market share. In the top Tablet model, iPad 2 has slipped to second position with Micromax Funbook taking the lead. Bengaluru leads the cities for Tablets purchased closely followed by Delhi & Chennai.

Tablets transactions have gone up by more than 90% in the second quarter as compared to the first. Also, 53% of Tablet transactions come from non-metros. Among the new launches, Karbonn, Micromax and iberry made tablets more affordable for Indian value seekers.

Regular Laptops: Dell retains its top position in Regular Laptops followed by HP and Apple. Apple MacBook PRO MD313 has been popular in the Regular Laptops segment followed by Dell Inspirion N4050.

Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai are neck-to-neck on Regular Laptops consumption, whereas cities such as Rajkot and Faridabad also feature amongst the top 10 cities.

An interesting trend to note is that the top 10 cities consume more than 50% regular laptops purchased on eBay India.

Digital Camera Category Rankings:

Top Digital Camera Brand: Canon

Top Compact Camera Brand: Canon

Top Long Zoom Camera Brand: Nikon

Top Digital SLR Camera Brand: Canon

Top Digital Camera Model: Canon Powershot SX 150

Top Compact Camera Model: Canon Powershot SX 150

Top Long Zoom Camera Model: Sony Cybershot DSC- HX100V

Top Digital SLR Camera Model: Canon EOS 550D

Top Digital Camera City: Bengaluru

Snapshots: Top Camera Brands & Model Rankings:

Overall: The volume of transactions for Digital Cameras went up by 34% in April-June, 2012 over the previous quarter. Canon tops overall Digital Cameras Category with 31% each market share of all transactions for Digital Cameras; Nikon slips to the second position followed by Sony in the third position.

In fact, Canon witnessed an 52% increase in transactions in April-June, 2012 as compared to Jan-March, 2011. Canon Powershot SX 150 is the most purchased Digital Camera Model.

Bengaluru followed by Chennai and Delhi were the top three cities respectively, indulging in Digital Cameras. Non-metros such as Trivandrum and Coimbatore featured in the top 10 Digital Camera Cities.

Compact Cameras: Canon overtook Sony in Compact Digital Camera segment with 27% market share and Canon Powershot SX 150 is also the most purchased compact digital camera. Bengaluru bought the most compact cameras followed by Chennai and Delhi.

Long Zoom Cameras: Nikon holds the top position in Long Zoom Digital Cameras with 42% market share followed by Sony and Fuji. Sony CyberShot DSC-HX100V is the most purchased Long Zoom Camera.

Bengaluru bought the most Long Zoom cameras followed by Chennai and Delhi. Ghaziabad, a non metro featured in the Top Ten Long Zoom Camera cities.

Digital SLR Cameras: Canon rules in the Digital SLR segment with 61% market share, followed by Nikon with a 33 % market share. Canon EOS 550D continued to be the most purchased model.

Bengaluru also took up professional photography in a big way and bought the most Digital SLR Cameras, followed by Delhi and Chennai. Nikon ate into Canon´s pie with a sharp upswing of 221% in the second quarter as compared to the first.

TV Category Rankings:

Top TV Brand: Samsung

Top LCD Brand: Sony

Top LED TV Brand: Samsung

Top TV Model: Samsung 40 EH 5000 LED TV

Top LCD Model: Sony Bravia 32 BX 350

Top LED TV Model: Samsung 40 EH 5000 LED TV

Top TV City: Bengaluru

Tele-Mania: Top TV Brand & Model Rankings:

Overall: Top brand position in TVs has been retained by Samsung in the second quarter with more than 39% market share followed by Sony. LEDs overtake LCDs with 62% market share, with an upswing of 46% in the second quarter over the first.

Bengaluru followed by Delhi and Mumbai are the top 3 TV cities. 40" size TVs have been most purchased in the quarter followed by 32".

LCD TVs: Sony and Samsung lead the LCD segment at number one; followed by Toshiba. The top 3 brands make 84% of market share.

Bengaluru tops the LCD TV segment followed by Mumbai and Chennai. Sony Bravia 32 BX 350 leads LCD TV segment followed by Toshiba REGZA 32HV10. Meerut and Faridabad have also featured amongst the top 10 LCD TV cities

LED TVs: Samsung is the Top Brand amongst LED TVs with 66% market share and alongwith Sony together dominates the LED market with 89% market share.

According to the report, Non-3D LED TVs are more popular than 3D TVs. Samsung 40 EH 5000 was the most preferred buy in the quarter.

Bengaluru is the Top LED TVs city in the quarter followed by Delhi and Chennai.

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