SC verdict on negative voting divides voters

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 14:03 hrs

New Delhi: The voters all over the country are divided on the Supreme Court verdict Friday on negative voting. For some, it is a move to systemic change while for some it is just a platform to express discontent.

The apex court Friday passed the verdict giving voters the right to reject all candidates in the fray by exercising the option of "none of the above" (NOTA) in electronic voting machines and on ballot papers.

"Well, I think it might gradually lead to systemic changes as political parties will have to respect the will of the people in selecting their candidates. Non-acceptance and rejection of all candidates is part of our fundamental right, I think we should welcome it," Neetu Bhatia, sales professional with a US-based software firm, told IANS.

Echoing the same feeling, Pritha Nag, associate creative head from Mumbai, said: "I think it's a smart act on their part. Now, we have to decide if we want to use it for our empowerment or abuse."

For some, the verdict gives a platform to express their dissatisfaction and questions the step after it.

Nisha Gianani, an advertising professional from Kolkata, questioned, "It's just addressing the symptom, not the disease. Abstaining from voting or negative voting just allows one to voice your discontent. What next after that?"

Similarly, Chandan Taluqdar from Guwahati said, "In my opinion, negative voting is a negative approach altogether. Would we all want not to vote for anyone? How will the system run then?"

"The SC has made a good decision but needs to think more over it, especially on the procedure of the story," said Asif Aslam, a student who has returned after completing his Master's from the Bristol University.

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