Scandal! Poonam Pandey is bathing in our dignity!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 09:51 hrs

Poonam Pandey has a time-tested strategy for revenue generation.

Expose body = make money.

It certainly seems to be working well for her in any case.

The latest venture is a video she has put up, promoting her new site. The video has all the hallmarks that has bought her so much recent fame. It involves a bathtub.

Here are the top two comments in that video -

Sometimes, I pity our society and culture.. you know what i mean... it's not your fault guys... we are grown up in such a conservative environment that we get a excited watching half-naked ugly girl... anyways enjoy.. that's how it is...

- vandan4megan (39 likes)

FAME: The intoxication of which makes a girl like you to put everything at stake: honor, pride and decency. "The real ornament of woman is her character, her purity." - Mohandas Gandhi. GET A LIFE

DignifiedIndians (25 Likes)

While their rhetoric is breathtakingly moving, unfortunately the first thought that sprang to mind was - It's amazing how they even found this subtle and stealthy attempt to subvert Indian honour.

The video barely has any tags. It is only promoted through her website and her Twitter account. It is meant to be viewed on Pandey's site. The YouTube link is just an embed. Even then, as an age-restricted video it is not being promoted by YouTube or even casually visible on the site.

She has 63,000 followers on Twitter, but the video barely has 1600 views. People would have to follow her every tweet and every update with sincere dedication and unshakeable commitment to even know of the existence of this video.

Nevertheless these proud and noble upholders of the great Indian culture already have about 75 'Likes' between them. Truly amazing!

It is inspiring and fascinating to see the moral police at work. They are always there before anyone else, bravely and anonymously denouncing the women and defending the culture.

In fact, not only are they the first on the scene no matter how low or depraved the act, but they also take the trouble to give us a quick, snappy review about how badly our culture is being massacred by these acts after they view it. Presumably to give us an accurate report they view it very closely and repeatedly. We can only guess.

These commentators have a dedication that should shame the real Indian police force. Alas the cops seem to lack the motivation that 'DignifiedIndians' has.

The Indian dignity, it goes without saying, is completely safe with them.
Admittedly in a country where every girl is denounced as a slut the minute she dares to look at a man in the eye and where 'indian values' are sacred but crowds of people will stand around doing nothing when a woman is raped - in broad daylight in the street or in a moving Mumbai train - comments on YouTube are a rather low priority.

But I am glad to see these paragons of virtue are up all night hunting down every last scandalous behaviour by 'characterless women' even in the vast depths of the internet.

What would we do without them? We might have never even heard of Poonam Pandey if such noble souls did not kick up such a hue and cry.

Imagine a world where we would not be constantly told how bad Poonam Pandey is. Then she would not get so many hits and page views and Twitter followers. Where would we be then?

Wherever we might be, it is safe to presume that our dignity would keep us company. Since nowadays it apparently is in the custody of other, more dignified Indians.

P.S: Is it too much to ask that the Mahatma not be dragged out and abused just so that someone can score brownie points in a YouTube video about a woman bathing in her underwear? He is the father of the nation after all.

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