Scottish clergyman shocks all by writing erotica

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2012 05:34 hrs

London: A clergyman has angered worshippers in after he was revealed as the author of an erotic novel featuring a series of sexual trysts, according to a report.

Rev Alan McKean, a Church of Scotland minister, was revealed as the author of The Scent of Time, a book about a 24-year-old time traveller who enjoys sexual encounters during his journey through history.

He was unrepentant about the 232-page novel's racy passages, arguing that sex is "a part of life", but members of his two congregations in the Scottish Highlands have been left upset and questioning whether he should continue in his post, The Telegraph reports.

"Naturally, people were shocked when they found out I wrote the book. However, I believe the stark contrast between my personal and professional life is giving the book the notoriety," Rev McKean said.

"The purpose of the book was to write a realistic story. And the majority of 24-year-old guys do spend a lot of time thinking about girls. People think that ministers don't know about sex but it's a part of life," he added.

According to the paper, the novel follows the adventures of Drew Faulkner, who at the start is stuck in a dead-end job in Edinburgh. His life changes when he sees a painting of a beautiful woman and he time travels back to 1867 to try and win her heart.

Stephanie McKean, the minister's wife, admitted some worshippers thought the book was "too sexy" to have been written by a pastor, the paper said.

"Some people, who remained anonymous, were not happy. Somebody came up to Alan in the church and said there was concern," she said.

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