Snow snaps trade and communication in Kashmir

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 21, 2013 08:10 hrs

Excessive snow has snapped connectivity and communication in many districts of the Kashmir Valley.

A local resident, Amzaf Khan, confirmed that day-to-day activities has been adversely affected.

"It is a huge loss to us because the road is blocked. We wanted that some action should be taken. The road was opened for 25 kilometres, but it is equivalent to nothing. Thus we want that funds should be provided so that the roads are cleared at the earliest. Due to the blockage of the road, all our activities have come to a standstill. We have incurred huge losses due to this," he added.

Isolated areas are facing a shortage of essential supplies due to the road blockade. Trade and commerce has also come to a complete standstill, and the poor are finding it difficult to sustain themselves.

An appeal has gone out to the state government to clear the snow off the Mughal Road to allow tourists to visit.

Residents of Buffliaz village complained of being cut off from the city due to the snow-clogged roads.

"It is the tourist season. This is a very important route for the people to travel. If the road was open, our daily activities would not have been hampered and we would have been able to carry out our business smoothly and the hotels would have been running. There are many people who have bought cars with a lot of interest, but are not able to drive it due to the roads being blocked," said Hajim Mohammed Saleem, a local rsident.

The Mughal Road, which was a major project for the Government of Kashmir, was created with the intention of connecting Buffliaz in Poonch District with Shopian District in the Kashmir Valley. (ANI)

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