Soon, digital teabags to brew drinks in 2 minutes

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 27, 2012 08:00 hrs

The company that introduced the world to first round teabags has now developed Te, a pod-based tea maker prototype, which will reduce time to brew the drink from the traditional 4 minutes to 2.

According to the Cambridge Consultants, their new invention has "a disposable capsule and the ability to reduce brew time and increase drink quality," the Telegraph reported.

The company has also claimed that the new prototype is "taking tea making to the next level."

The new system allows users to choose the strength of their tea; prices of capsules will vary depending on the quality of the tea, and the machines would likely be cheaper than some coffee machines.

The company said that the popularity of capsule-based coffee machines like Nespresso meant that the tea industry is under pressure to produce a quicker, more consistent way for consumers to make the perfect brew.

The company also said that Te is based on a traditional tea brewing method, but uses a specially engineered recirculating pump technology, incorporated in the capsule.

"Whilst coffee systems have seen a significant amount of innovation over the last decade nothing has changed in tea brewing, leaving the tea drinker almost forgotten about," Edward Brunner, Group Leader of the Industrial and Scientific Group at Cambridge Consultants, said.

"We saw a real opportunity to use our experience in the beverage industry to level the playing field and make a step change in this category.

"Thanks to our expertise in fluidic systems and functional packaging, and our dedicated dispense lab facilities, we have been able to finely tune the process needed to offer the most sophisticated brewing platform to bring customised, high-quality tea dispensing into the home," he said. (ANI)

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