SP to vote against promotion quota bill

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 17, 2012 09:20 hrs

New Delhi, Dec 17 (IANS) The Samajwadi Party Monday said it will vote against the bill to provide reservation in promotion for Dalits and tribals in government jobs.

Talking to reporters outside parliament, SP leader Mohan Singh also alleged that the government was using the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to force other parties to fall in line.

"Whenever the bill comes, we will vote against it. We may be alone inside the house, but we have a lot of people behind us outside parliament," he said.

"We have already admitted there is pressure of CBI," he said.

Taking a dig at Congress, he said: "All corrupt leaders are there in popular regional parties, so they will use it against Lalu Prasad (Rashtriya Janata Dal), Mulayam Singh (SP chief), Karunanidhi's family (DMK).

"There are no corrupt people in Congress. There was such a huge scam in the Commonwealth Games but nothing happened even after the prime minister's assurance".

The Samajwadi Party has been protesting against the constitutional amendment bill to provide reservation in promotion, which is backed by the Bahujan Samaj Party.