Stool made entirely of ashwood 'as comfy as cushion'

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Sun, Nov 25, 2012 06:00 hrs

A cleverly designed stool is as soft as a cushion despite being made entirely out of wood.

The Ash Cushion requires no stuffing to make it soft because it is made of strips of notched ashwood, which compress under pressure, the Daily Mail reported.

The 19x12x18inch handmade stool that cost 2,199 dollars is designed by Mary Dickerson, who got inspiration from Dutch designer Carolien Laro's award-winning work, Spring Wood Collections.

Laro developed a collection of stools and three-seater benches in 2010 and won the Wood Challenge Prize and was nominated for the IMI Award and the DOEN material prize.

Meanwhile a team of Swiss designers have developed a rocking chair that can transform energy from its rocking motion to charge an iPad or iPhone, according to the paper.

Built according to the classic, proven rocking chair design, the seat - which its makers have dubbed the iRock - uses a built-in generator that transforms gentle swaying into electricity.

Made from Swedish pine, it is styled with all the traditional features you would expect from a rocking chair but also comes equipped with an iPad stand.

The backrest of the painted wood rocking chair also features built-in speakers, presumably to pelt out Radio 3 or Vera Lynn videos from YouTube.

Its makers have claimed that just an hour of easy swaying will charge your iPad to 35 per cent, and it is also compatible with other Apple devices - although publicity pictures suggest it uses the old-style connector.

The chair uses a winding mechanism combined with a set of gears to create enough force to drive the generator, which the development team said was a challenge to make energy efficient enough for practical use. (ANI)

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