Stop being stupid: Jindal to Republicans

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 10:52 hrs
Bobby Jindal

Washington: A potential presidential candidate in 2016, Indian American Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal has told the Republicans, still reeling from the loss of the November Presidential elections, to "stop being stupid" and called for a complete change in the party thinking and outlook.

"We have got to stop being the stupid party. It's time for a new Republican party that talks like adults," Jindal said at a meeting called after party's recent reverses in the November elections.

The Louisiana Governor did not feel that the party change its values but "might need to change just about everything else we do".

He made these comments at the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, but did not elaborate on the changes he wanted.

The meeting came in the wake of reverse the party suffered in the presidential elections which gave Democrat Barack Obama a second term and failure to gain control of the Senate.

Opening up for the first time on apparent causes of failure in the presidential race, Jindal told the meeting that the party had a setback due to "offensive and bizarre comments" made.

"We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. We've had enough of that," he said.

Republicans from across the country have gathered in North Carolina this week to shape a new path forward for the party after its recent rebounds.

"Let the Democrats sell the stale power of more federal programmes, while we promote the rejuvenating power of new businesses, Jindal said, adding "We don't believe old, top-down, industrial-age government becomes a good idea just because it agrees with us or because we are running it."

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