Surge in number of Maoist atrocities upsets Odisha residents

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2012 12:00 hrs

Residents across Odisha, and especially in Bhubaneswar, have expressed concern over Maoist atrocities, the recent target being police officers deployed in the state.

Reports inform that two Special Police Officers (SPOs) have been gunned down by the rebels in the last two months in Koraput district of the state.

Earlier on November 4, the rebels had shot dead a SPO, Goura Chandra Dalai, depriving his family of their sole bread earner.

"My father was innocent man and was a members of the temple committee in our. A prayer meeting was being conducted as part of the holy month of Kartik. Maoists gunned him down because of he was a Special Police Officer (SPO). We have not received any help as of now," said Dalai's son, Bighnesh Dalai.

Aggrieved family members of another SPO, Bhagaban Nayak who was gunned down by Maoists expressed their concern over the alarming situation.

"My husband was a Special Police Officer in the state. Maoists killed him brutally. He was the family's bread earner, now we are helpless. I have to look after my children and am forced to do labour jobs to support us," said Naina Nayak wife of a victim Bhagaban Nayak

Maoist rebels in India are rapidly expanding their insurgency and could move from remote rural areas to cities.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoist rebellion as one of the gravest security threats to India.

The Maoists have killed police and politicians, and targeted government buildings and railway tracks in an insurgency that has killed thousands since the 1960s. (ANI)

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