Teen with bizarre medical condition sleeps for 22 hrs each day

Last Updated: Sun, Jan 20, 2013 08:52 hrs

London: A teenager, who was branded lazy for nodding off in class, suffers from a rare brain disorder that causes her to sleep for weeks at a time.

Shannon Magee could easily be written off as just another idle teenager, but the 17-year-old suffers from one of the world's most bizarre medical conditions.

Kleine-Levin syndrome, or KLS, has seen her flunk exams and snooze through numerous birthdays and even miss an entire Christmas.

The real life Sleeping Beauty, who once even ended up snoring her way through a romantic date, also displays strange behaviour before her lengthy slumber.

"I sing very loudly in public. I sing chart songs over and over again," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

"A favourite seems to be Alexandra Burke's X Factor hit Hallelujah, which started when I was in hospital. I've got a terrible voice so it's not pleasant for people. It's like I'm a zombie when I have an episode, I've no idea what I'm doing.

"It can be mortifying ... I have attacked people and I've started singing at the top of my voice in public.

"I can fall asleep anywhere - I've been known to lie down on a table in a busy bar and start snoozing. I get really down about having KLS sometimes but -sometimes I do see the funny side. There is no known cure so I just have to get on with it," she said.

Shannon was just 11 years old and on holiday with her mom Julie, dad Chris, 56, and brother Jake, 14, in Spain when she had her first episode of KLS, which affects just 45 people in the UK.

The family ended their two-week break and returned to Bolton, Lancashire, but once back on home soil, Shannon quickly began to feel odd again the following month, in September 2007.

This time Shannon's worried parents rushed her to A and E and waited anxiously as doctors carried out a series of tests.

She spent two weeks in hospital, where staff suspected she had been taking drugs or drinking.

Shannon was later referred to a children's mental health unit, but was soon discharged when they realised she had no psychological issues.

The youngster's mystery illness had left doctors baffled and she fell into a pattern of sleeping for 12 days at a time on a monthly basis. (ANI)

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