Ten reasons why the British royal family has Indian blood

Source : IANS
By : Nury Vittachi
Last Updated: Fri, Jul 19, 2013 12:36 hrs
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The British royal family has Indian blood, a researcher discovered last week. One of their direct descendants was from Gujarat, a DNA expert at the University of Edinburgh found.

But of course! With their big noses and huge number of family members, it now seems obvious that the British royal family has upper-class Indian blood. How could we have missed the clues?

  • Their weddings are massive and interminable.
  • Curry has been declared the national dish of Britain.
  • Their family life is like a Bollywood soap opera, parties alternating with melodrama.
  • I bet passionate greenie Prince Charles dances around trees when no one is looking.
  • The main family finances come from palatial property holdings.
  • None of them have real jobs.
  • Despite living in the 21st century, they still think that living in a huge house with a massive number of servants is okay.
  • The young ones are terrible at studying, but still get into fancy private schools.
  • The men wear fancier clothes than the women.
  • There are endless disputes over tradition between old and young.
 (Nury Vittachi is an Asia-based frequent traveller.)

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