Terrorists could use armed drones to target president, warns former U.S. intelligence chief

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 23, 2013 06:10 hrs

Terrorists could use drones, the unmanned, missile-firing aircraft, to attack and kill President Barack Obama and other U.S. leaders, the former chief of U.S. intelligence has said.

Retired Admiral Dennis Blair, who served as Obama's first director of national intelligence, told reporters that as the technology for arming drones spread across the world, he was concerned that the a potential outgrowth of the U.S. reliance on drones to attack and kill terrorists, could well backfire.

During a conference call with reporters, Blair said that he felt that if al Qaeda could develop a drone, its first thought will be to use it to kill the president and senior officials.

According to the Huffington Post, he said that 'it is possible without a great deal of intelligence that they will do something with a drone that they cannot do with a high-powered rifle or driving a car full of explosives and other ways terrorists now use to try killing senior officials'.

But he said if drones are acquired by terrorist groups, it would force the U.S. to take defensive measures.

Yet, the U.S. already has extensive surveillance of its airspace and sophisticated weapons designed against a variety of airborne threats.

He added that but if a terrorist group gets drone technology it will use it against the country in every way they can, the report added. (ANI)

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